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"Do you have freestyle?"

That's the buzz word in China these days. The catch phrase came from “Rap of China”, the country’s first talent show that centers on hip-hop artists, many of them previously underground.

With hundreds of millions of views since its launch in late June, the show has quickly put these artists, as well as the music genre, into the limelight.

PG One, just 23 year old, is one of the contestants that quickly rose to stardom after the show went on air.

The former underground battle MC had already had a modest following before, but after he rapped about Chinese hip hop and his own kick-ass flow in his segment, his life was changed.

PG One told CGTN that, “before when my relatives ask what I do, ‘hip-hop’ only makes them puzzled, now, they say I’m cool. And we are recognized everywhere.”

He also said, “We've been doing hip hop for quite a while now, but it's all underground. Standing on this stage, we get to show Chinese hip hop. That it's just as good. I feel the door has opened for us."

His bro hip-hop artist BrAnT B, just 19, echos, "Clubs are playing our music now... And it's good to see everyone, including foreigners, swaying to our beats."

PG One, BrAnT B and the rap group they both belong to have now landed a record deal.

Their rise of fame may be sudden, but many in the industry also say that less than two decades since Hip-hop’s introduction from Taiwan, it's only a matter of time when the music hits it big.

And the show “The Rap of China” says that time is now.

For the musicians, they say they're sticking to this genre because the music born in the American ghetto is also close to their hearts.



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Hong Kong actor and martial artist Robin Shou turning 57 on July 17

Hong Kong singer Jason Chan turning 34 on July 20

Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung turning 54 on July 20

Thai actor Hiranyawongkul Witwisit turning 28 on July 20

Hong Kong singer and HotCha member Crystal Cheung turning 32 on July 21

Hong Kong actress Sonija Kwok turning 43 on July 22

Taiwanese actress Sylvia Chang turning 64 on July 22
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Will Pan transforms his dream into music in his 11th album illi, his first release under Warner Music. After experiencing a serious accident during the rehearsal for his 2014 Kingdom of Eve concert, the artist had a strange dream about giving birth to a baby alien whom he believes is his reincarnation. Inspired by the dream, he produces 11 songs dedicated to those who are alienated because of their dreams. The major track Coming Home is an old-school hip-hop jam written and composed by the singer himself.

I. Coming Home
II. 第三類接觸 Close Encounter
III. 硬鬧 Go Hard
IV. 致青春 Dear Memories
V. 啞巴 Numb
VI. 根本沒愛過 Never Loved
VII. 失眠 Insomnia
VIII. 鏘 Crank
IX. Fight For You
X. 稀罕沒理由 (feat. 吳昕) No Reasons (feat. Orfila)
Bonus Tracks:
XI. 第三類接觸 (寂寞版) Close Encounter (Lonely Version)
XII. 漫動作 (feat.關曉彤) Slow Motion (feat. Gabrielle Guan)

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