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Even though I'm posting this late, I wanted to do it anyway! It's the first time I'm actually participating in one of these, so I hope I'm not royally messing it up or something. XD Here goes! ^^

  1. What's the song that you'll usually sing when you're in the toilet?

                    Whatever song is most popular with me at the moment. So really, it could be anything, either sung or instrumental!

  1. What kinda book/magazine do you read in the toilet?

                     I don't actually read when I'm using the toilet (TMI? XD) because that feels weird to me, but sometimes when I want a private, quiet place to read, I'll take a book into the bathroom and just read there for that kind of atmosphere...^^;;

  1. If you found a magic lamp, and you'll be able to get a wish, what would you wish for?

                     I would wish for the health and happiness of me, my friends, and my family...assuming that's not too much to wish for. And I know some people might say that by saying this kind of thing, I'm just being idealistic, but it really is true. Normally when I wish on a star, I look up at it and think, "I really, REALLY want to wish that *** will be my boyfriend" or something stupid and short-term like that, but in the end, my conscious wins out and I go for the more practical things. =)
  1. Do you order a McChicken plain?(as in, without the veggies)

                     No way!!! I like McChicken with the lettuce (that's the only veggies, after all) and mayonnaise too! ^^ Yummy!! (Although it's been a while since I had one... O.O)

  1. What's your favourite type of chilli sauce?
                      Most any is good! I love spicy sauces! Recently, Marysa and I had a lot of tabasco sauce, hehe~

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Waaaah, I feel some kind of feeling like pinpricks all over my body! Because I just saw this:

Shinjiro wrote this on Naoya's Twitter! And then after that was talking with a fan from Hong Kong in English!

I........I feel such a weird feeling! First of all, I am absolutely stunned at his English ability! He's even better than I thought! Oh my gosh, he's so good! I'm so proud of him!!!!!!! >o<

But then, I also kinda feel a little bit cold. Because that was tweeted two hours ago, and I missed it. I could have talked with him! =( I just wrote him this message back, but it's too late now, I'm sure: "Waaaaaaaaah, Shinjiro! Your English has gotten so good! *__*"

Sigh...I wish he would see it. But I don't think he will, and I doubt he'd respond. I'm still feeling so.....

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So, I've really needed to spur myself on recently with writing some fan fiction I was previously working on, and I've also been seeing a lot of amazing Japanese fan fiction over here on Dreamwidth as well, which I would love to see continue! Because of this, I just started a comm called [community profile] jfiction, which is basically a place for writers to post their fan fics (as long as the fic has some relation to Japan, be it anime to celebrities to original works, etc). 

Below is a preview of the community, although you can click the picture as well to be taken to the actual comm! I hope it will be lots of fun for everyone! ^_^

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Marysa just called it...



*cries tears of happy joy* Now I just need to work hard for money!

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I know this sounds conceited, but I've never done a journal entry like this before. Something my Sensei said today just made me want to reflect on my life so far. Because after seeing her opinion, it really felt like putting my life into a completely different perspective.

The truth is

I'm a poor girl. I don't feel poor at all, to be honest. And I'm sure to my Senseis and friends, it doesn't seem like I'm poor at all. I remember, after meeting Leslie Kee (the one who photographed Shinjiro Atae), his assistant really didn't believe Marysa and I were just poor farm girls, maybe because we were at Omotesando Hills (aka the rich district) or because we had dressed nice for the event. I don't know for sure.

But my life story is something like this. Six years ago, our dad took everything from our family. When he split from mom, he demanded either the house or some form of monetary compensation from her. He didn't want us or our sister. In the end, to keep a roof over our heads, mom had to choose the money. And so, because of the bad courts in our home state, dad was given mom's entire pension as compensation.

Since then, it's been a downward slope for her, and for all of us (though I still believe it's toughest on mom). Never enough money to feed the entire family, always behind on the bills, always being laid off from her job...She has it so tough. And yet she always finds time for us. Last year, our grandmother moved into the house with her. She was already having a hard time taking care of four people, imagine five! Things have gotten even worse for her, so much so that she can't afford to send us a single penny for being out here.

Forever I’ll chase, I’ll chase, Determined This dream )


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